Take 19: Who is your Competitor?


I used to think that “competition” is  present everywhere and everyone is my competitor.  It took me sometime to realize who my real “competitor” actually is!

It was the day of my class 12th result. I was so anxious and afraid because declaration of result meant an end to my school life and beginning of a new – college life. Well, it was informed in the newspaper that our results would be declared at 12 pm so I had some plans for myself. 

Whenever any important results were to be announced, I used to pray a lot to the almighty. I used to pray for my result. If my condition was poor, I used to Propose schemes like – “God, Please help me pass my Mathematics Paper… I promise…. I will visit temples regularly! (this was done only to pass in a specific subject😂)

Last time when I had such conversation, it did wonders for me. I was planning to repeat the same but neither me or anybody else was aware of the fact that “Exam Department” was playing a bluff…. They declared the Result at 10:30 am instead of 12:00 pm 

Things happened in a flash. I opened my laptop and checked my result. After seeing it, I had mixed thoughts. I was happy that I scored well but at the same time, I was sad because they weren’t exactly what I thought was good enough for the people to like! 

I can’t understand how,  on the day of my results, all my relatives get the time and call me which makes me more scared of what they will say or how they will react!

My marks were decent. I was in early 90s. I was wondering that if I had got the time to have that conversation with god, +2% would have been assured😉 My entire family was busy on the phone-attending calls from all those relatives who just got back to us after like last results! After saying – “Thank you” to all, I got a call from my Coaching buddy. 

The moment I picked up the phone, I could sense that she was really happy. She had scored in the late 90s. While she was on the phone, I was  wondering – “why can’t she just leave me alone for sometime! Why didn’t she called someone else and told them her result! Why is she specifically telling me?”

I wasn’t very happy for her at that moment. I have to be honest here, Somewhere deep inside me I was unhappy that she had  scored more than me! Somewhere I was falling in for “Competition”. 

I congratulated her (in a low tone),  told her my marks to which she said – “why did you sound low, you have scored  just like me!”

I said yeah, it’s fine…. And then I said ok bye! I just ended the phone call after her bye because I was feeling sad. I just lost out to my Coaching buddy. Later in the day, I got to know more results… 

All my friends did extremely well and I was really happy for them. I never thought of competing with them. I can’t be competitive with my friends! 

I was scrolling through Facebook and saw some “Result Promotion Posts” !  Some of them, I thought were – well deserved whereas others were literally  “inflated”. I got so angry and frustrated with those results! I was like -“how could he score more than me, I used to always score better than him in school!”

Not only this, I also remember I even said -“Is the Exam Department High at this moment, how could they give him such a high % ? He isn’t that good!”

Things got worst in the night. One of my cousins had come to my house. We two are of same age and we both got our results today. She was pissed because she had lost out to her friend in a”close competition”. She had secured in the Mid 90s but still she was not happy with it.  

If I had her %, I would have jumped on my bed, danced on the streets and done all the celebratory stuff. I was disappointed with the fact that my marks were falling short while comparing with others. My % was low in the competive market which made me feel as if I failed and I remained like this for 2-3 days. 

My Father and My Mother were closely watching me react and behave like this. They came to me and asked that  “one-question” which I was struggling to answer myself! – “Why are you so Sad?”

“I was like- one of my friends called and she had scored more than me. She is so happy because she has scored high etc”.

They said – “Hmm, that’s something which shouldn’t matter to you if you are happy with yourself! Are you happy with your marks?”

I said – “Yes, they could have been higher but still what I have scored is good, I am happy” 

They said – “Then, why are you feeling so dejected. Beta, it’s not possible to win each time when you are competing with others. But if you are happy with what you have or how you performed than it’s nothing less than a victory” 

I felt light and delighted. I was really happy with what I have scored. I was just short by 2-3% but I made them look as if they were terrible. I didn’t realize the value of what I actually had scored. 

I picked up my phone and called by Coaching buddy. This time I congratulated her in a very positive tone and apologized to her for reacting annoyingly!

That day guys, I realized who my “competitor” is. 

It is and always should be with yourself. If you do / perform anything, just don’t do it for the sake of doing it better than someone because it will only provide momentary happiness.

If you perform to attain Self satisfaction, not only will you be more happy with yourself but also the  “true spirit” of your performance will remain intact.

You should perform well not because you want to outshine someone else but to make yourself happy and believe me guys that’s the biggest victory in a Competition! 

Challenge your productivity and work towards increasing it! I am saying this because sometimes Results don’t matter much if you are happy with the way you have  performed!

Love, peace and happiness always


One Reply to “Take 19: Who is your Competitor?”

  1. Haha wow this is such an Indian post ! I related so so much. Around 6 years ago, I probably would have written something similar. Every kid goes through this stage.
    Reading this really brought a smile to my face. Its so similar to my case as well.
    Beta, life’s journey has a lot more to offer. Be proud of your marks and forget the rest 🙂


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