Take 4 : How A Crush Can Change your Life !

Well , I Know Valentine’s day is around the corner so I  Thought of writing something different, so Today I am sharing something really personal with you . Today I am going to tell you a  story … The story of “How I Met My 1st Crush” 🙂

Crush is something which “People”  say is an unattainable target  i.e  Beyond our reach. It’s very normal as it happens with everyone ! You feel like getting to know someone better and  you feel like telling them something  about you or wanting to know more about them ! It can be anyone  maybe  in your school-   Your Teacher , a senior year girl or maybe a junior year girl or even  your batch mate. It can be a young lady in your neighborhood  Also !! uhh… It is a  bit weird  but anything can happen !!

So coming back to the story.. Yes , So I was in class 9th and it was the month  January  , when I saw that Girl for the 1st  Time. Please note that the Facts are actually correct – 1st one is always  so special that I still manage to remember a lot of what all I did that year  !!  So in the month of January ,  I saw that Girl for the 1st time and bang that’s it .. I asked my friends what her name was , They not only told me her name but they also told me that  she is the most “cutest girl” in our batch and  Many Boys are there to Impress her !!! I don’t know why but they actually said that !

So after that day  I just like a Curious person  tried to get a glimpse of her everyday in school .  And Time passed away swiftly . Class 9th class results were out and My Result was undoubtedly “Awful”. Well Guys , at that time I was a very different person . I was a kind of a stupid kid , who used to live in his own world which had no goals , nothing . I was very happy living in my own Cocoon . Aimless … The correct word for my life at that time .  I dislike myself  now when I think of how I was in class 9th . So , Class 10th was about to start and I told you that I was stupid  and so  I was getting anxious , well you can call it Unthinking honesty  …  I was thinking about her only. I was thinking something like  –  How can I talk to her? or was busy  making strategies so that I could Talk to her !

My Best Friend  told me that the   girl had got good marks in the class and she is a Scholar now  .. For those who don’t know who a scholar is –  when a student achieves excellence in academics  and co -curricular activities, he/she is given a badge and a certificate. I was not  a scholar!!!  I used to pass papers by Margin in Maths and always  got descent marks in other subjects but not that  good  that I could be  called a “BRIGHT STUDENT”. I used to  believe that people consider a scholar – very smart and a very intelligent person… Something clicked in my mind!

I thought … Since she’s a scholar now , So she will give respect to another scholar , So why not I become a SCHOLAR !!! I must be in parity with her 🙂  So On the very 1st day  of Class 10th , I prayed to god and decided that I will study hard . After Becoming a Scholar , I will reach her level by then so when I will talk to her .. she  would then have a good impression of me .  So  Keeping this in mind I went to school to achieve the something I knew was impossible for me.  I Took The Challenge knowing that whatever I will  do …. I won’t be able to impress her !!

But I didn’t thought of that at that moment ,  but I went to the class and sat on the 1st bench ! Yes!!! 1st bench, thinking that it will be very good for me as I will pay attention to what is being taught in the class and my marks will improve and one day  I will go and  talk to her with confidence ! And it was working as  Sitting on the 1st bench not only made me understand the subjects but also made write each and every word in my copy “Eureka” – My Mother exclaimed  one day on seeing my copy!!! I started studying well and I started getting the answers of the questions that teachers were asking in the class.
So I started giving answers in the class along with speaking up participating in discussions and activities etc. Earlier it was tough, but gradually I started enjoying it .  Maths , Which I Hated from the bottom of my heart had to be taken care of and so I did  . I nailed it ! I used to give 1 hour to maths everyday, which made me quite good in maths . That was the  only year where I scored 90% in maths as never in my entire school life  ,  I had  got more than 50 % !

My parents felt as if god had finally gave me something called a brain ! Though he was late , but in the end  he gave me some ! Marks were improving day by day , but what about extra curricular  activities?  So in order to boost that up , I thought of joining a club -Environment council… I volunteered in their events and somehow started enjoying them too.  I was enjoying this new phase of life . Getting good marks made me happy  plus giving answers boosted my confidence . I involved myself in each and every activity . I had started to coming out of my shell and somewhere deep inside me , a transformation was taking place. I was becoming a more confident and a hard- working person who could speak without hesitations.. I realized that when I came to face to face with her . I behaved very calmly and I didn’t panic ! She Dropped her book on the ground and I went forward and Picked it up for her and she said “thank you” .   I had many small interactions like these with her!

And finally the time came when our hardwork was to get paid- off . Result were declared. My C.G.P.A was ….uhg…ugh…ughhh…. Record breaking  9.4 !   Everybody was happy  at my home and  Now was the time to see what she had got ! She  had got a 9 C.G.P.A

Mission accomplished ! I scored more than her .  This  was a big achievement .  It was the time when I thought that I can  actually impress her .  But I don’t know what happened to me  but  Somehow I felt as if  I had achieved what I wanted ! I wanted to talk to her and I did that easily . Somehow I felt as If I am done ! … So what’s next …. and Bang : She’s out !  The moment I thought  this –  I went out for dinner with all my friends and we enjoyed and laughed at my stupidity ! I am actually Smiling while typing this ! Yes !!!  I am so proud of what I did back then … I am not a lover but I tried or made an attempt to become a one- sided lover of  a  girl who  doesn’t  even know about it !!! Do you know why Am I sharing all this with you ? Because my blogs always try to provide you with some advise or points which you should think upon .

Guys, Sometimes I believe if you  do something with all your heart and soul into it to attain something – you will surely get it . In my case , After doing everything I realized that  my goal was not actually  to  impress that girl but to become someone better. That Girl made me realize that I had so much to do with myself and I still thank her for That . Setting a goal and achieving it is perfect , but sometimes while working on it you will realize within yourself -” whether you actually want to achieve it or not ” ? If yes , You should continue  on it , If no then  you will find your own path .

I still think – what would have happen to me if I hadn’t made attempts to become a scholar in order to impress her ? I would not be the person who I am Today !  Having the thought of “IMPRESSING” someone actually gave me a goal –  a  goal which I thought of achieving . This desire of doing so gave me so much exposure that it turned out to be so good for me ! Though I Didn’t Impress her as I didn’t feel like doing so  but  then I realized I had developed quite a lot . I Didn’t lose anything but  gained a lot  which has actually increased my chances of achieving more in the future !

So My Personal Advise to you – Is to find your Goals and work … not hard but hardest you can . Put all your heart into it and hope for the best  . If things go right you may achieve what you want and if not then , Just look at yourself . You will at that same very moment  realize that all  your hardwork that you put into it didn’t go waste. You unknowingly have achieved a lot! You have so far become your best ! Many People get disappointed  when they don’t Achieve what they wanted and  they felt as if they lost .  So especially for Them I would simply say – If efforts are made honestly and in good spirits then whatever the result may be – YOU WILL   NEVER END-UP LOSING !

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Note : All the Grammatical errors to be ignore 😀

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