Take 28: The Art of Giving!


There is an old saying that- God gives a person each and everything that he truly deserves, though there might be a slight delay in the “Giving” process but that doesn’t mean he (God) has forgotten about you! He knows all our needs and aspirations!

Well,  A person has the power to write his/her own destiny. It is not that easy, but if one has the courage,determination and  keeps believing in himself then there is nothing that can stop him/her.

I think the above lines were motivating for some and completely useless for others. There is an important factor which was not addressed- Circumstances.

Circumstances play an important role as sometimes people who are capable of achieving a lot, end up achieving less than what their true potential is! They have the will, determination but things just don’t their way! It is disheartening to see a shining star end up as a shooting star!

It’s very strange –  A person who deserves or needs more has to settle for less and other one gets more than he deserves or requires!

I sometimes wonder; Why is God so discriminating? Why can’t he give or provide everyone with everything so that no one is in a disadvantageous position?

(The answer to this immediately popped up in my head!)

If God has given “less” to one, he has surely given “more” to another! It is important for the “more” blessed one to realize that maybe God has given him “something more” with some hidden powers/objectives. God can’t directly give everyone whatever they need, so he delegates and distributes his powers in the form of maybe wealth , power or authority ; whatever name you may like which when used in a proper way can bring everyone at the same level!

But for this to happen, the One having “more” must understand and master “The Art of Giving”.

Art of Giving is all about nurturing a sensible mind to realize and understand what he is capable of doing with everything he has! If he has the power and means to do something meaningful, which can turnout something  for another person who might be in dire need of it, then it’s the best thing one can ever do!

If you ever feel that you have been provided with a lot for which you are grateful for (obviously), then try to help and share the same with those who aren’t lucky as you and try to make them feel as “Lucky” as you are!

The Art of Giving involves the important guidelines, so always Remember-

  • When you are helping someone, please make sure that you are doing it without any hidden motives or self-interest!
  • When you are doing something good, please don’t brag or publicise about your work because it kills the real objective ! (Your focus must be on finding the best and suitable ways of helping, so never use your work for your own promotion)
  • Never shy away from helping someone! Forget about what other will say, If you have the resources at your disposal and you are capable of helping someone who needs it , then just go for it!
  • Lastly, Don’t Equate Help with Money! There are a lot of things which money can’t buy!

Guys, I have written something after a really long gap, so obviously I am going to a bit Rusty! I have a lot of points to cover but then I thought of why not doing something different!

I have something for you guys to see – which will summarise the take and will clearly explain the points which I couldn’t focus upon properly! I hope you learn a lot from it!

Please do see it, I feel it’s worth it! – : Art Of Giving

Love, Peace and Happiness Always



Take 27 : Don’t Blow your own Trumpet!


I have learned a lot of lessons from my past mistakes and I have always tried my level best to ensure that I don’t repeat them again as I believe that after hitting a roadblock, one must have realized and understand the road which he took – Last time and the stoppage point/dead end it had. I feel,that one must have become smart enough to choose between the road which should and shouldn’t been taken. Guys,I have been continuously committing a same mistake!

I am not writing about this today because I want to share my regret of committing it again! I am writing this down here, so that in case you also get into a situation/point in life while doing things (Which I will be later talking about) and are taking the wrong road, you might realize something and will be able to save yourself from embarrassment and regret which you would encounter after the event has taken place, So let’s start!

Guys, When I say this line – “I can Do It”!

What do you think about this line, I mean – What do you think this line would indicate about my mind set at the moment?

I guess we all will have similar notions; You sound confident. You are high on spirits and feel that you can pull off this task. Hmm…this one was easy, Let me give you another one.

“I am the only one who can Do it”!

I am pretty sure this line and the one I have asked you before isn’t same. Though they talk about doing something, there is a word in the 2nd line which completely changes the meaning of these 2 lines.

And That Word is Only!

I am very well aware of the fact, that I have been very much predictable till this point. I have been telling you a very simple thing. Last 288+ words haven’t talked about something new. Everyone knows that the 2nd line reflects that the person is being arrogant and over confident.

We should never let over-confidence climb up your head” . We all know this, We have read and heard this thousand times! Let me tell you something… I make this very same mistake, every damn time.Whenever I feel that I know something, I get so pumped up that sometimes, I don’t realize when I cross that thin line between being confident and over-confident. I have taken a lot of hits because of this; I have literally pulled myself out from winning positions.

Let’s shift the focus away from me to the general public. I have seen that a lot of people getting carried away! They get super – proud of their capabilities that they don’t realize the importance of staying down “quiet”. Everyone should keep their heads straight with their eyes looking ahead and feet on the ground. Again, It’s a very common thing but in the heat of the moment, we all love to fly, I admit- I do!

I can’t say that one shouldn’t think of flying or should not think of dreaming big! Nooooo…. I am saying that if you know something, Good… Just do it… Don’t let the fact that you know enter your head and make you arrogant and mad about yourself. If I know something- I must go out there, perform – receive appreciation and come back. If the thing went your way, stay grounded and be thankful to god!

I wish…. I could say I follow- what I just said above. I seriously wish, I could!

When I know something which is good for me, I go out there to perform- being confident of the fact that I have the skills to pull it off. While I am doing so, You can say the excitement clicks in and I go nuts. I always find these thoughts running in my head- “Wow, You will do it! You are the best, Amazing, You are on a roll etc”.

And you know what, I lose out exactly here! As I said, Confident adds up to become over-confidence and bang… I crash… I can’t say that feeling confident is bad because it’s a not a bad thing. It is actually very good. One must be confident of what his/her capabilities are, but then if you are confident- Then why don’t you let your work speak for yourself! Why do you have to open your mouth to say something? Some People love to “Brag” in public and some just “Brag” in their mind which includes me!

When thoughts like these are wandering in your mind, your focus shifts. Every task and decision needs certain amount of focus and attention. Thinking highly of oneself is good but one must know when to keep it down. I have tried a lot and honestly and I am work in progress! I know it’s tough!

It’s our mind and sub conscious we are talking about! They will make you go on the top of the mountain and after reaching there, within split seconds -They will push you down!

It will take a lot of time for you to realize that you didn’t intentionally do anything wrong, but you can’t deny the fact that you are the one behind all of it!

So hold onto your nerves and Keep Believing! Remember to work hard and stay focused!

We all have a lot to learn!

Love, Peace and Happiness Always


Take 26: Impossible is Nothing!

Guys, Do you like to read Quotes?

Well..I love to read quotes! I find them great because they not only motivate me but also give my spirits a big hike whenever they are running a bit low!

Usually when I come across a quote, I look for the person behind it. I try to go in depth by reading about their background. After I complete my quick research, I always find something amazing…These quotes are not said for the sake of saying! These quotes have a hidden meaning!

These Phrases/Sentences aren’t valuable because they are said by someone who is/was a successful person ; they are valuable because they carry inside them – a story of struggle- a narration of a fight against all the odds. Surprisingly every quote ends with break through point where they found out the way to not only deal with that situation, but to  emerge out victorious!

On this note, let’s do a quick activity with you guys… Read the quotes given below and try to guess the person who said it- (without looking down!)

“I hated every Minute of Training
But I said : Don’t quit . Suffer now and live the rest of your life like a champion”

“Try not to become a man of success but rather try to become a man of value”

“What is life, Without a risk?”

“Confidence and Hardwork is the best medicine to kill the disease called Failure …It will make you successful person”

“Being the richest man in the cemetery doesn’t matter to me. Going to bed at night saying we’ve done something wonderful, that’s what matters to me”

Guys….Read All these quotes, Once Again!

Quote 1 is given by None other than Muhammad Ali .He was an American Professional Boxer and an activist. He was undoubtedly the best in his field. In the quote, He talked about how he hated training hard everyday. So one day he thought, that if he continued to work harder instead of having thoughts of quitting the game, he will surely become successful. He continued training with this mindset and in the end he became the GREATEST!

Quote 2 is given by Albert Einstein. A man who thought completely different from others of his time. He worked hard and didn’t kept a list of whatever he had accomplished. He worked on a lot of theories which were a complete failure or you can say had no prominent result because he was limited by time. He wasn’t considered a man with a lot of success during his lifespan. But now, who cares whether he was successful in his time or not! His failed theories are still being studied by various researchers today because they are enriched with new concepts of science which hasn’t been explored yet. They search of a new lead to explore a world which Albert Einstein had left a door open! His theories are advanced and way ahead of the time….

Quote 3 is Given by J.K Rowling… A women who fought against all the hardships a women could ever face. At every point of time in her life, she had to fight a battle. She had to fight against depression at an early age because she lost her mother. She had a miscarriage, failed marriage and was even a victim of domestic violence. She was a single mother, who once thought of giving up and committing suicide. But she gave herself another chance and took a risk of writing a novel… Rest is history!

Quote 4 is Given by Dr APJ Abdul Kalam. A teacher,scientist who later went onto become one of the most loved President Of India. Things weren’t easy for him at start because he didn’t had any resources with him. But , Love for learning created ways for a guy who used to sell newspapers to support his poor family.

Quote 5 is Given by Steve Jobs. A man who had a vision of changing the way – people used to see a computer. He thought of something which was not considered wise and viable by  people because they felt they won’t get a result i.e profit. He was considered foolish because he was working towards a computer program for the common people to use.  The cost they were incurring was higher than what they were getting initially. He had vision of “Selling Dreams” to people instead of a product. He always measured satisfaction over profit!

Inspiring Stories nah! Despite all the odds these people continued to work hard and at one point of time almost forgot about measuring the results. They worked towards becoming productive and fostered creativity, ambition and determination in them. These people weren’t born successful. They had to work hard to reach the place where they are now! They were normal people who had a vison for themselves. They wanted to do something they loved irrespective of the outcomes of their activities.

Guys that’s what is so great about them! They were passionate about their job and worked to their fullest capacity.

You must be thinking that I am acting above my age! Well in my defense I will say we all have a lot to achieve. I chose the above people on purpose! I guess you didn’t realized that all the quotes above were linked to each other! Their continuous struggle and Never Give up attitude gives us a strong feeling that Nothing is Impossible! If they can do it,  so can you!

Guys, Things will be difficult! Little efforts that you are putting in everyday may not look enough each day and you will feel bad about it! Seeing you work hard everyday, people will trash talk and even demotivate you ; that you can’t achieve anything, It’s way out of your league!! Circumstances won’t be in your favour all the time, but one thing which will always be with you is your Hardwork! If you still aren’t convinced… Remember!

“To hell with the circumstances, I create opportunities” -Bruce Lee

Love, Peace and Happiness Always


The Versatile Blogger Award!

I Really Had a Great Morning Today!

The First Notification which I saw on my phone today was from a fellow Blogger – Bitchin’ in the Kitchen 

Well, It took me 2 minutes to realize that I have been nominated for “The Versatile Blogger Award”!

I was completely surprized because I wasn’t expecting it!

I would like to Thank Bitchin’ in the Kitchen for nominating my blog.

I am thankful to you for reading my takes and enjoying them in the way I hope every reader coming to Aywriteslife does. I am really happy because awards to me are more of an encouragement. They motivate me to write more and better the next time 🙂

Share 7 things about you – one of the purposes of this award is to get to know one another better.

1.  I love Writing. ( I know it’s the most obvious :D)

2. I love watching F.R.I.EN.D.S And How I Met Your Mother !

3. I love Gardening

4. I love to listening to music while writing

5. I am an awful singer, I can perform only under a shower ! In other words: I suck at singing 😀

6. I love watching Superhero Movies !

7. I am planning to write a new take after I finish this post!

Before I finish – I would like to thank the readers of Aywriteslife (specially those who come everyday to check whether I have posted something new or not!)  I know I am getting a bit irregular and I am Sorry to let you down but I promise that I will become regular and consistent soon!

Thank You for your Love and Support!

Lots of Love



Take 25 : Let’s Make Healing Easier!


Yesterday, I was hearing a late night radio show about love and relationships. The host was talking about how difficult it gets for some people to recover or come back to normalcy after a Heart Break. She was talking about how some people take it so hard on themselves that they get into depression. Their physcology takes a big hit. They get so affected that they start building up their mind – like they won’t trust anyone or love anyone anymore because they don’t feel like something like love or trust even exists in this world!

It’s really sad to hear when someone says things like this because it reflects that they haven’t healed from the injuries they sustained from their past relationships.

There was a caller on that radio show who discussed her problem. I won’t explain the entire problem but will try to make you understand the crux of the matter – “Basically the caller was in love with someone for 3 years and one fine day she realized, that the guy she loved was cheating on her!”

I know it’s heart breaking. It’s shattering when you get betrayed by someone who you think was the one who was meant for you… It’s normal to get disheartened because expressing and caring for our feelings at that time is important because if you didn’t get it out at that time, it later hurts from within! Some of us think that not reacting at that moment and keeping mum could make the clock tick faster!

OK! Let’s take it to be true…

You waited and kept your thoughts, feelings and expressions to yourself. You never showed your disappointment, you never showed your pain to someone thinking that people will consider you weak and vulnerable…. I won’t say that you are completely wrong but I believe it’s not one of the best way to deal with a situation like this..

Honestly everyone is different… The way I think and I believe is different from yours. Our thoughts may or may not have to be on the same line but at least it could be on the same page 😇

I won’t give you the ways to deal with such a situation, but I would love to share a thought (which I heard in a movie or somewhere… I honestly don’t remember!)

The best thing about Heart Breaks (not Break ups) is the fact that you realize a small thing about yourself –

“You can love someone more than you love yourself..”

It’s such a great thing to know because not everyone is capable of feeling for someone like this! You are capable of loving someone from the heart…

It’s easier for me to say that! I know, it is! I can’t feel the pain or immense sadness, one experiences when he is let down by someone – who he never thought would do something like that…

Well, Sometimes things don’t happen the way we want- Things can go terribly wrong for us! Sometimes so bad that we might not get back on our own immediately.

You hit up a speed breaker and crashed on the road- completely knocked out. You didn’t see anything like that coming your way, so it was obvious that you took a hit … Now it’s entirely upto you- Whether you want to get up and get going or you just want to stay lying down on the ground crying and complaining about how you got hit out of nowhere!

Believe me, if you get up and kept going without complaining and continue to travel without getting afraid of speed-breakers, (I can’t assure you that you won’t crash ever) but I believe the next time you crash… I am sure you will feel a lot better than the last time… I guess somewhere deep inside – you never gave up on something simply because of what happened to you the last time, so obviously you aren’t afraid of falling again because you know, you can and will get up Even Stronger!

And if you didn’t get up and kept crying then….I am afraid, you will never walk again with confidence. Whenever you will see a speed-breaker, you will get so nervous that you might run away or make attempts to avoid it … You won’t have the strength to continue to walk on the path that caused you pain which will make you more vulnerable and negative thoughts will indeed find a good space to live in! Let Me tell you – Running away can devoid you of everything that you truly deserve because there is always better things across the breaker… No one can assure you that you won’t get hurt while crossing it, but I am damn sure when you get there, you will feel that – all the pain you endured was All Worth it ! 😇

So, As I Mentioned Above… The Choice is entirely upto you …. Choose Wisely! 😀

Love, Peace And Happiness Always!


Take 24 : Don’t let the Fear of Failure affect you!


I hope you all are doing well! I am doing fine as well! I am busy in my hectic routine which is not giving me sufficient time to write here these days. So, I thought of specially taking time out of for a New Take Today. As soon as I got the idea, I have been waiting to get it out of my mind to a place where I mostly share my thoughts! So here I am 🙂

Today, I encountered a fear. It was not exactly a fear, but you can say it was something which I don’t indulge into more often. I was hanging out with my friends outside the conference room where interviews for the selection in organizing committee was taking place. One of my friends was organizing these interviews, so she had asked all of us to participate in it. I was not very much into interested in giving an interview. I have to be honest, I wasn’t. I went there to simply support my other friends.

While I was waiting with them, one of them asked me to appear for the interview as well. At first, In my mind I was in a denial mode – “Why should I give an interview, I know I won’t get selected!” All these things were going in my mind, while they were discussing about how strange it will be for them to give an interview to a friend! I mean, Having a very formal and a serious conversation with your best friend is damn difficult – you can’t stop yourself from smiling all the time! When your best friend in a panel asks you – “Hello, What’s your Name? What are your interests?” I am sure, you can’t just answer formally. Inside your head, you will be like – “Are you serious, You really don’t know my name, You have known me for 2 years!!”

Jokes apart… I haven’t given many interviews in my life. In school, many of my friends have been the ones who conducted the interviews or were linked to the selection committee so yeah… I always got through without even doing anything!

Same was the case here, I could have asked my friend to add me to the committee for which I was applying for but then I looked at my other friends who were standing next to me chilling and waiting for their turn to go in and get done with the interview. They could have done the same… But they didn’t….Well, You can’t always look for shortcuts 🙂

I don’t know what happened to me, but I decided that I will go inside and give a formal interview. I gave my name and sat down thinking – “what am I going to say!” As I told you before, I have don’t have much experience in giving interviews for a post/ participation in a committee, so I was completely unaware of what was going to happen to me when I will go inside. I asked some other people who had just came out after giving their interview – regarding the questions the panel was asking!

After getting some idea, I was framing questions and simultaneously answering them in my own mind. I was scared that my lack of confidence will create problems for me. I peeked into the glass window and realized that things were really damn serious in there! The interview panel looked serious and were really giving some guys a really hard time! They were asking them about there Work Experiences and ideas for the fair. Honestly I didn’t have sufficient experience and had no idea about what I am going to say to cover that up!

When My Turn Came, I walked towards the door slowly and tried to look and be confident as if I was going in for the kill! As soon as I entered, I thought Maybe I took things very lightly! You guys must have figured it out by now that I was going completely nuts. The interview went quick. The Interview went Well. I tried to give all the best possible answers I could have thought at that time!

When I came out I was smiling…

Later in the day I found out that I was not selected! When I go to know this, I was kind of happy! Man, I tried my best out there! Despite of my limited knowledge and work experience, I at least went out and tried to do something which I had earlier rejected. I was afraid at the start about how the things will go, I was worried that I won’t be able to meet their requirements. I always knew this from the beginning but the thing which made me smile despite getting rejected was the fact that I tried! I was so satisfied with my effort that the result tuned out to be irrelevant to me 🙂

I was smiling because when I came out I realized that the next time when I will appear for an interview I won’t be tensed like I was for this one… I will do better in that… I won’t shy away and give my best again next time! 😀

Sometimes, Mere satisfaction is enough to put a smile.. Who cares about – What the outcome will turn out to be 😇

Love, Peace and Happiness Always


Take 23 : Does Everything Has To End With A Fight ?


Once upon a time, A spiritual teacher wanted to teach his students a small lesson. He called his students and asked them to go across the entire village and find out the different ways of getting insulted!  Students were a bit surprised by this task from their Master! He also instructed them avoid reacting to what anyone says and advised them to quietly move away from that place after getting insulted. A small kid from the bunch said – “Master, We will do whatever you say, We will get insulted! But don’t you think, Keeping quiet is a lot to ask from us!”

Master Smiled and Said – “No , It isn’t.” Well, In the entire village, A man hated the master to his guts. He disapproved his way of teaching, his ideologies, his practices… In short : He hated the Master! This Man used to roam around the entire village abusing, cursing and defaming the master as he wanted to make the people hate the master, just like the way he did!

The Master used to take all his students to that man’s house for a day in each month. The students used to leave their master alone at the door and used to hide behind the trees near that man’s house. When that man used to open the door, he used to get so angry to see the master that he used to shout, scream and curse him at the top of his voice. After Getting tired, he used to slam the door on his face and warned him to never come to his door again!

The Master did this exercise for an entire year. He used to go on a fixed day of every month with all his students to that man’s house to get screamed and cursed. He used to patiently listen to whatever he used to say. He never reacted or argued with him. He absolutely said nothing! When one time, the master didn’t talked about going there, the students asked him – “Master, Aren’t we supposed to go to that man’s house today ?”

Master Smilingly Said – “Nah, I don’t think so… Last time when I was hearing him abuse me, I didn’t feel bad at all. I didn’t feel offended or affected by whatever he was saying, I think I have now learned to stay calm”

His Students realized what Their Master was trying to teach them 🙂

Guys, I don’t know why, But I loose my temper really quickly ! I try to stay calm and do all the methods to hold on to my nerves but honestly I end up losing it. Getting angry isn’t bad. I mean, you get angry when you are dissatisfied. And showing your dissatisfaction and displeasure isn’t wrong, I mean we all have feeling, we always can’t keep our cool… We deserve a right to get angry if we get offended!

But you know guys, whenever I get angry, I don’t leave a single chance of showing my discomfort and anger at something and after my anger cools down, I feel so relaxed. I feel so light, I guess my mind gets so relaxed because –

  • I was able to keep my point above everyone else by shouting,
  • I was able to make the other person listen to me by threatening him
  • I was able to make an impact by suddenly reacting/ bursting out

But after sometime-  Whenever I go back to that incident where I showed My – Public Display of Anger, I don’t know why but I start feeling guilty and most of the time I regret my actions. I always feel that I could have done things differently-

  • I could have acted well.
  • I could have tried to understand the gravity of the situation
  • I could have been the more understanding one and instead of over-reacting, I could have averted the disaster by not losing my mind and instead  worked to resolve it!

Instead of Making A big issue out of it, I could have eliminated it at the grass root, but wait, I was busy trying to be the one who doesn’t take s*** from anyone right!

But While Trying to become the one doesn’t take s*** from anyone, I became the one is left with his very own mess! I know, it happens with everyone. You feel bad and unhappy with yourself because in the heat of that moment you did something which, when you think now is definitely what you really are !

But you can’t take your Actions Back, So what can you do ? Well,There is only one thing which you can do now… Learn! I will say learn to keep yourself calm and take everything the way it is (as the Master in the story did) Don’t take harsh steps immediately (without thinking properly).  Try to hold on to your anger and when anything goes wrong try to take  positives from it . Learn To rectify or correct the problem instead of – Ending it with a Boom/Bang 😀

Love, Peace And Happiness Always

















Take 22: When Did Social Media Make us “Unsocial”


I signed up for my 1st Social Media Account when I was a 12 year old boy. At that time, everybody was moving towards these Social Media Platforms as they promised to provide a medium to People where they can interact, share links, thoughts along with their photographs and videos.

The initial years were amazing. I could see pictures of my friends/relatives who lived far away. It also connected me to my favourite actors and sportspersons. The social media was doing it’s job so nicely that we never doubted or needed to change or switch off from them. I have been on social media for almost 5-7 years and Now I have realized that it has captured my social life.

You all must have seen the TV Show called – “F.R.I.E.N.D.S”. It is undoubtedly one of the most finest Sitcoms of all time! I mean 6 individuals living in New York in their early 20’s discovering Friendship, Love , Heart-breaks, Laughter ,Career and finally Family together. We all somewhere in our hearts want to see our lives like “F.R.I.E.N.D.S”. We all want to see and experience different things in our lives. But we will never be able to do so! Want to know why?

Well, Jennifer Aniston was asked a question in an interview – ” If F.R.I.E.N.D.S was running today, how do you think the characters would have changed, I mean they had to take a big leap from 1994 to 2014!”

Her Answer was very simple and right on target. She said- ” If it (F.R.I.E.N.D.S) was running today, It would have been pulled off from air after an episode because you wouldn’t see us talking in Central Perk! I guess, You would have seen us busy texting/Whatsapp-ing on our phones! F.R.I.E.N.D.S isn’t possible today because people don’t like to talk anymore!”

She is right, I have seen it in myself. Whenever I go out with my friends in our free time, the First thing I check is my phone. Not only do I look for a missed call but I also see the messages I received and who all posted a new photograph on Instagram!

Before Social Media, We used to personally Call and Greet People on their Birthdays and Anniversaries. But Now, We just post a big long text and tag that person in it on Facebook!

Another Thing which I find worrying is – “People’s Increasing Obsession with Social Media

Tagging People in Memes, Sharing Check inns into Various Locations while traveling , Uploading 10 photos a day! Somehow I find these things stupid and a waste of time. But I can’t help it, because it’s a trend. Whether you like it or not, but you have to see Different food items that your friends are eating today while you are watching their snaps on Snapchat! My Pain doesn’t end here… Words like – “#Basic #Blessed #FoodIsLife #Yum #Foodie #Heavenly” makes me go nuts. I mean, Can’t you eat your food without showing it off to others!

I know Food looks great when it comes to you for the 1st time! I love to click a photograph myself because It helps me remember what I had! 😀 (I know, This Sounds Dumb) But I click to remember what I had on that day and nothing else. I don’t click to show someone that my life is full of delicious food!

I won’t say everyone has the same intention but, Yes “Some” do have these tendencies. I have seen it myself. Their motive behind all these things is to make their profiles look “Happening 😛 ”

Guys, If you think your social life is how your social media accounts are, then you are completely wrong. I mean the number of Instagram followers I have, Facebook friends I have can’t define what my social life is presently or How I am in person!

We are so much busy in the virtual world these days that we have actually lost touch in our real world.

Guys, Life has a lot more for you than virtual likes and reactions. Trying to build something artificial on a virtual platform or completely depending on any other medium for communication is dangerous. There are chances that you may lose the ones near you because – You are trying to contact them online, but they were here for you -waiting “offline!”

I will end with an amazing line, I read on Comedy Central!

–“Keep Your Smartphones Aside, A little courtesy never killed anyone 🙂 ”

Love, Peace and Happiness Always


Take 21 : You Deserve The Best !


I have been waiting for a really long time to write on this topic. I gave myself time and studied more and more on this topic so that my views and suggestions remain relevant and helpful. I hope after reading this, you may see yourself in a better way!

Today, When I looked out for the meaning of the word – “Depression”, I saw a two line sentence which described it as  “a mental health disorder” Honestly, I didn’t like the explanation! I found it a slightly rough, because I think disorder isn’t the correct word to describes the way one feels!

I have met a lot of people who have suffered from Depression. I have seen their struggle, pain, endurance, patience and determination but the one thing which I can’t forget is the smile I see on their faces after they get back! I have seen them in a mess, a mess in the sense that they aren’t aware of what is happening in their own world! They get disconnected and get into their own zone where they experience “Alienation” at its best.

I have seen their thought process going nuts. They Think they aren’t as worthy as others and give themselves away to many inferiority complexes. Sometimes unfortunate events like – Death, Betrayal etc. take people into a different zone. I won’t say their feelings are wrong. They lost someone who they loved and they have all the right to mourn but at the same time they have to come to terms with their loss. Here they face a lot of  problems.

These problems aren’t easy to tackle and it takes a lot of courage and determination which everyone may not have at the that moment. So, their inability to tackle their problems creates a new problem of “Negative psychology” where they think that nothing is ever going to be fine and whatever they will do won’t do the trick for them because it’s their destiny to suffer this pain. Things get worse and worse day by day for them. It’s sad to see them getting consumed by all these ill feelings which they have created on their own!

(Can I break this flow for a moment? I think I have something else to say right now!)

Talking about people leading themselves to miserable lives isn’t easy as it seems it is!

Not everyone of us know – How it feels when someone is having these thoughts! Our inadequate knowledge can increase their pain. Our In-sensitive behaviour can harm a person more than a knife! It’s true, Words are mightier than a sword! If you see someone in trouble- instead of judging and labelling as “Retard”. Try to respect them and their feelings. They aren’t wrong! They are just disoriented at the moment. Be Kind, Respectful and caring towards them. You may never know your gesture may spark positivity in the other person!😇

To All My Friends who are feeling a bit low at the moment,

Guys, I know how it feels when one is in a position in which you are right now. I don’t know what is making you feel like this, I really don’t know. Nobody except you knows the way you feel so, I am really sorry on behalf of those who have been insensitive to you. You can’t expect everyone to be considerate towards the other. They are fools because they can’t see the pain you feel.

I know it’s tough at the moment! I know you are trying, you are fighting with these insecurities because somewhere within you, there is still someone who believe everything is going to be fine. Your mind may not agree with me, but I am sure your Heart Does!🙂

I know, it  is a hard road to recovery. It’s not easy to openly express how you feel! It’s not easy to discuss with good friends or even family because you are afraid that they may not understand you. You might need some help but you are too shy to ask… Well I can feel you.

You know Guys, When I was sad My best Friend sent me a lot of images to pump me up. I loved all of them but one which I love the most is this one!

This image made me smile and I think it will do the same for you . I hope your life gets filled with all the love and positivity you truly deserve. Have Faith in yourself and believe in the power of you!

And Remember- Hopes Lives Within You!😁

Love, Peace and Happiness Always







Aywriteslife Turns 1 Today!


I am Really Happy Today because, My  Blogsite Aywriteslife has completed an entire year 😇

If you would have asked me about my plans for Aywriteslife a year ago, my answer would have been very simple and clear as it is right now! -“I don’t know what I am going do with it.. I just write something when I feel like writing”. This has been my mindset from the day I first logged in on WordPress.

My One year Journey was full of ups and downs!

Let’s first talk about The “Tough Times”

When I started writing blogs, I used to get very anxious and nervous.  Since blogging was new for me, I wasn’t sure whether my concept and blogs were relatable to people or not! Gladly they were relatable,but some people rejected the entire idea  of Aywriteslife saying – “Your Content is Predictable”

I am not good in marketing my blog. I mean, I had hard times promoting and approaching people in the beginning. I tried to spread it across all my friend circles. I still remember sending the – “Please Take some time out of your routine and Read My Blog” Message to all the people I know, hoping that they will actually read it…. Honestly, I wasn’t and still not good at it 😂 Back then I was irritating, spamming people with messages thinking that everyone will like it!

I have written 20 takes till now. I wrote each and everyone from my heart. But not all of them of them were well received. It was hard to come to terms with the fact because failure of a single take was shattering for me. There have been times where I was so disheartened by a takes performance that I had madeup my mind of shutting down Aywriteslife!

But, Everytime I have stopped myself, thinking that I still have a shot left! So I kept writing. I have 3-4 breaks and everytime I came back with new take which got me back into the game.

My Last Comeback was possible because of Community Pool. I have to give it-  it’s due credit! I had posted my comeback take and was dying to hear a feedback! While I was exploring Daily Post, I came across “Community Pool”

I wrote – “Hello Friends, This is my 1st time on Community Pool……” Within 10 minutes I got 5 likes and 2 feedbacks on the post which relieved me to some extent because it assured me that I still have it in me!

From that day, my participation in Community Pool has become a regular thing! Every Monday I wait for the Community Pool tab to show up so that I could post as well as see some Really amazing posts!

Some of My Fellow Bloggers have been so kind towards me and my blog. They left me with some wonderful feedbacks which made me really happy and satisfied with my work. I am attaching some over here-

Well, I keep reading these comments again and again and believe me everytime I end up having a smile on my face! I haven’t replied to anyone of them and many more comments like these because l I don’t have words to describe how much positivity and blessings they have showered on me!

Another Important source of Positivity is  my Friends and Family. I have received regular feedbacks from some of my close friends. They have read most of my takes and have been telling me – what they felt and where I lacked straight on my face! I am Attaching one such Conversation –

I have just Realized that I have a lot of things to say and if I continue like this I would never be able to end this post!

So, to wrap up things up- I would say, A big “Thank you” to- all my Dear Friends for being supportive, My Fellow Bloggers for encouraging my work and making me feel that I am a very talented writer, which is definitely not true😉, My Followers for Reading my posts and staying on with me and my Blogsite.

Lastly – A Merry Christmas and A Happy New year (in advance). I hope you all have a great year ahead!