Take 34 : Can You Imagine your Life Without – F.R.I.E.N.D.S ?


I am hoping that you all have seen the Hit Sitcom “F.R.I.E.N.D.S”!

Do you guys know what kept it going so strong for all those years?

Correction, it is still going strong! It still runs successfully even after 14 years of its official finale! There must be something in that show.. Maybe the Dialogues, or maybe the plot or the setup or it can even be the cast. Yeah right! I was surfing through some interviews and then suddenly I opened a video where the entire cast was present for an event which was called a REUNION, I remember it now!

So, The video began with the host saying — 

“These 6 characters were so awesome together that we all wanted to be Friends with them!”

Then Matthew Perry introduced all the cast members and then the theme song- “I will be there for you” played as the cast went up to the stage and sat there comfortably. Crowd went Nuts 🙂

They showed some clips and the questioning round began. Coming to the main point-“How did they all do that, how did they pull off such a great show!”

Jennifer Aniston Said- “We bonded well because while doing F.R.I.E.N.D.S we actually became Friends! We loved each others company, we used to hang out together not out of compulsion but because we liked it. We loved doing the shoots together and instead of being contemporary actors, we became supporting actors. That’s the biggest reason how the show went on to be huge success”.

Jennifer Aniston is the Godmother of Courtney Cox’s Daughter. They were friends in real life too…..

Guys, In every stage of life we make a lot of friends. In play school you made some friends, in school  you made a lot of friends and after your school life ends you realize what importance they have in your life. When you enter college, everything is different and here you learn to make new friends, they may be different from your earlier ones but they do know what friendship is all about….

Friendship is something which you build over time. It’s a promise these familiar faces who are there with you at the present moment will hopefully remain herewith you for a long period of time.

We will make a lot of friends in our entire journey of life… A lot….but only some will remain till the end. Friends love us that’s why they care for us. They don’t have any hidden aim or motto behind their activities. They do everything out of sheer love and affection. They never measure their activities or have expectations for the same.

True ones are special and limited in quantity so hold them tightly. Never let them go away because they are one of a kind. Once gone they won’t return back soon and their replacements are hard to find. True friends are always by your side in both good and bad times. They are a blessing so you are lucky to have them!

No one could ever know me
No one could ever see me
Seems you’re the only one who knows
What it’s like to be me
Someone to face the day with
Make it through all the rest with
Someone I’ll always laugh with
Even at my worst, I’m best with you,


Friends can fight too. Nothing lasts forever, you can drift away… Things might not remain the same forever but one thing I want you to realize is that- its important that you value your relations with your close friends. When you value such relations, even if things aren’t the way they were a few days/months or maybe years ago the memories and values you guys derived will remain intact and in the end, you will hopefully be able to work things out for the better or worse….

Love, Peace and Happiness Always



Take 33: Stop Capturing, Start Living!

And We’re BACK!

Hey Guys,

Suppose your favourite actor/role-model is standing right in front of you, what do you thing is the first thing that you think you will be doing?

Well, I think you will be taking out your phone from your pocket and start recording the moment on your camera in the form of a snap/story. You would just be like a reporter covering the celebrity LIVE on your phone – for your friends and followers making your snap story happening! Am I Right?

Smartphones have honestly empowered each and every one of us. Irrespective of the price or the quality of the camera, we all are so busy making these stories/status updates on WhatsApp that we have forgotten how to actually enjoy a moment.

I am a user of Instagram and Snapchat. I do make stories with a lot of text and captions which makes my profile for a period of 24 hours ALIVE…

I love to film my friends doing some mischief or any interesting thing which I think should be captured. After flashing it on my profile for a day or so, this video gets stored as a memory on my phone and one day has to be transferred onto my laptop because my phone requires space to record new stories.

Now, When I look back at these stories, I feel something is missing. I can’t link the event in the snap with the memory of the very same event in my brain. I feel as if my brain did not record the event which my phone did, and unfortunately it is limited to a few seconds… Now, the entire event is a big blank in my memory!!!

When I try to reconcile, I can remember about posting this story on Snapchat and waiting for my friends to reply/comment. I can’t remember what actually happened in the event as my entire attention was towards uploading this story and it looks like I have missed the essence of the event. I am left with nothing to cherish.

The Main objective behind recording something is to keep a small memoir of an event or a moment, well at that time I didn’t realized that I got so much engrossed in recording that I deviated and went a different way… I remember attending the event, I know what all happened because of a series of 10 second clips (thanks to my poor recording skills), but I don’t remember how I felt at that very moment. I guess a camera can’t capture and record that for me 🙂

Earlier we used to relish and enjoy the moment in which we were at that moment. Things were engraved in our minds and hearts as memories but now, I think the word “Memory” itself is reduced to what Snapchat Memories Displays – A photograph or a 10 second video…

But still there are still some who….



Enjoy making their phone rest in their pockets and bags. They are the ones who still know how to love and enjoy a moment. They are far away from making snapchat memory as for them, memories are the ones which are lived not stored… Just like this old lady who instead of recording Stars at the Red Carpet of a movie enjoyed looking at them- the way how they look and what they were doing!

She teaches us a lot by her posture. Stop Capturing these moments on cameras as they are going to end up on your laptop getting mixed with a pile of other clips. Keep your phones aside for some time and start living the moment….

It’s time to Stop Capturing for some time and Start Living….

Love, Peace and Happiness Always


Take 32 : Burying the Hatchet!


I read somewhere that life is too short for small things. Since, it is a journey which contains so many ups and downs, one should not get bothered by misunderstandings and altercations and yet we still find ourselves surrounded by them. It’s hard for us to stay away as we can’t understand everyone-their point of view, opinions and intentions.

When such differences start to pop up in our relations, things get different. It becomes difficult to trust and believe what the other person says. The entire friendship gets compromised. It takes a lot of time to even realize what happened.

The very first thing, we feel is how we got to this shallow end! Our inner conscious constantly repeats -“What on earth went wrong? How can this happen? I never saw this coming! He was my best mate, I had never expected this from him! He has changed, things have changed. He is not the one who I used to call my friend etc.”

It is not easy to break something up which took years to build. But it all will be like a tiny hole in the ship which would eventually get bigger and bigger with the passage of time and in the end will take the ship down!

The same thing happened with me a couple of months ago! I wasn’t pleased with two different groups of people who are/were very close to me. I had known the1st group for about 5-7 years and another for barely a year. I won’t go in detail but, it was about being friends and trusting each other. I never had a fight/ verbal spat with any of my friends so when a situation like this happened, I couldn’t figure out what I should do!

I was having issues with the first for more than a year. I was not pleased with the treatment I was getting because they had actually reduced me to nothing. I had distanced myself from them because, I thought it was the best thing to do. No one likes to be treated badly and I felt that since me being there for them doesn’t matter to them anymore so it is better to step aside. And that’s exactly what I did and what I still think is the best decision.

When things came to notice, we met. I was honestly excited to see him coming to my house (One of my best friends). Now, at that time I couldn’t have thought our meeting would end with a heated argument and awkward silence. The moment our conversation began, I somehow knew that it wouldn’t end well. We both had different viewpoints to the same things. My friend started to say things which, according to me were one-dimensional and completely irrelevant. We weren’t seeing each other in the eyes. We talked for 2 hours flat and in the end, I had to give up, I really had to! While keeping my concern and points, I realized that other party wasn’t much interested. He was not the person who I once had known in my life!

I was again reduced to nothing. I realized that this ship has sunk or will eventually sink. I was honestly hoping that we would “sort-out” our issues and get back to talking terms. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. I guess I have changed and so has the other one. I was still willing to shake hands and hug it out but then later, I just wanted to show him the door towards the exit.

After my unsuccessful reconciliation, I was disheartened. Later when I had issues with the 2nd group, I thought of zoning myself out and take the exit before things ruining things like the last time. It was indeed a clever decision!

After sometime, The 2nd group made an honest attempt to sort things out. I was reluctant at start because, I felt things would end just like the last time. But I was wrong. Maybe one bad experience had changed the way, how I used to reconcile with people!

The second group was really interested in getting back. Their efforts made me believe that everything does not have to end on bad terms! I welcomed their motion with a smile. Our conversation lasted for only 10 minutes.  I could feel that the 2nd group and I were on the same page. They were realizing their mistakes and so was I.

Obviously, I was also wrong in my approach. They had tried to reconcile earlier, but I was so shattered and angry that I didn’t took much interest. They didn’t shift the blame on me entirely. After clearing in the air, I felt that maybe it will take me some time to catch up from where I had left previously but in reality, the scenario was completely different than what I had thought in my mind.

When we started to talk like we used to do, once again we were back to being “us”. At that moment I realized that you can burry a hacket only with those who feel the need too. I have reunited with them. We have fixed the hole and are making sure that things remain the same as they were.

Guys, it was never about who was right or wrong. People have their own viewpoints and getting each and every one on the same page every time is not possible. It disheartening but true that Nothing lasts forever on its own, you have to make efforts. Whether it’s friendship or relationship or anything else, both the parties have to do their bit to make it work.

During the time when I was angry with any of the two groups, I never bad-mouthed. I had love and affection for both of them. I was unhappy but at the time was always ready to patch things up. It’s unfortunate that I couldn’t get along with the first, but serious who cares, I guess that’s how it was meant.

My Humble advice to you is simple. Bury the Hatchet! It’s not that easy as it sounds but If you know/feel that you could get back or patch up with those who are just like you, on the same page (group 2nd in my case) desirous of getting back with you, then don’t wait or don’t hold back.

They are the ones who will understand and will know the way to figure out well. They know you have to slap two hands together to produce a clap! Never run away from any efforts made from the other side. Try to keep calm and have an honest chat. If they are able to understand you then… you know the rest!

It’s the time for you to fix the whole, drain the water. For those who aren’t interested- do the best you can.  It will be sad not to be back with those with whom you have great friendships and a big bundle of memories… But that’s the way life is, everything doesn’t last forever. But I am pretty sure True Friendships would 🙂

Love, Peace and Happiness Always




Take 31 : Be the Writer of your own Story!


I am a great concier of Romantic Comedies (Romedy).  I really love the way how a boy gets the girl in the end. After everything that had gone wrong,  in the end the boy always gets the girl. When the credits start to roll, I can feel a smile on my face.

There are several questions which always strike up in my mind when I watch these movies! Like “Can you like/love someone at First Sight?” I have asked a lot of people this very same question and the answers I received have been quite surprising. For some, it’s something magical and for some it’s an illusion!

I love to collect information and viewpoints on Topics which intrigue me a lot. I have asked a lot of my friends who are currently in a relationship about how it feels to be in one. They were very open and gave me their version of what they think their equation with their partner is!

One said – “I sometimes get so surprised and touched to see how my partner can understand what I feel and think, without me having to say anything. It’s all about understanding!”

Another one said- “It’s more about being there for each other in times where it isn’t easy to ask for support. The feeling has to be mutual!”

One of my dearest friends said – “It’s more of a companionship, like you have found someone who knows you inside out , like your Best Friend”

I was out of words when I heard such heavy words from my fellow friends because I could, at that moment feel that these words weren’t said out of any romantic novels or drama. They were damn serious about each and every word. These words meant so much to them which I, for the time being can only hope to understand.

If you after watching a romantic movie, pick up your phone and install tinder, happn etc or Type on Google- “How to get a girl/boy to love you, like you etc…” I think you have got it all wrong! I actually took the pain of searching the same and I got the following answers…

1.   Groom yourself for success.

2.   Consider body language signals

3.   Pay attention to the way he/she smiles

4.   Try an open “Gambit”

5.   Show her your lovable qualities

There are around 1000 more points along with an easy 15 step guide on the internet. I just went through a couple and realized that they are actually making us likeable and attractive, like a new product. If somebody follows it, he/she has to simply follow some tricks and stuff to attract and win customers.

Let’s assume that we actually followed these 1000+ points. We showed our lovable qualities, acted friendly and completely changed ourselves to make us more – “Likeable”. I am not against these points/suggestions, but one thing which really is hidden in such points is the “Art of Deception”. Changing the way how you really are makes the other person like the one who she sees in front of her!

Have you seen the Movie “Hitch”? Well, in that movie, the hero takes an expert’s opinion to get a girl to like her! The expert teaches him a lot of things- including the way to talk and behave but in the end, he doesn’t follow anything. He acts who he is in real life and makes the girl like him for the person he really is!

Watching a romantic movie can make you giddy, happy-cry and that’s the only motive behind such movies. To make you believe in the existence of something special. They show how lives of fictitious character connect in a certain way which comes out beautifully in a theatrical form. But we can’t deny that these stories are “inspired” from real life incidents!

Movies don’t teach us anything about love as it is not a subject! Love is something which can’t be taught but felt! I am not an expert and neither do I have an experience in this matter. I can only suggest. Don’t try to replicate deceiving principles in your life. Try to make your own principles by being who you really are! Be the Writer of your story and do whatever you think defines you because copying from other’s work won’t work for you every time because it’s written only for fiction and I think your life isn’t one!

Love, Peace and Happiness Always






Take 30: Celebrate Life!

Today’s Take is really special! I am very much aware that, this is going to be my 30th Take, but do you know that this take was supposed to be my 1st take! I had this topic in my mind when  I was starting this blogsite but I deliberately pushed it back! This is close to my heart because it contains a lot of things which I have experienced and many emotions that I felt which were so pure and real that writing it down got really difficult for me at that momemt! Now, I feel it’s the best time to share with you… So here it is…


Why do people die?

One of the biggest question which remains unanswered. I mean, Why does God Pluck flowers from his Own Garden? He planted the same all by himself and plucked it,  the moment it settled itself in the soil. Why does god does this to his own people? Why do our loved ones leave us!

While looking for the answer, I came across an amazing theory/belief that our death is determined even before our birth! This mean, Everything which starts has to end or has an end. Nothing lasts forever!

Two Years back, Our Family Lost someone very close to us. It was an unpleasant experience for me because I had never experienced an event like this before. I have lost my Maternal Grandmother and Paternal Grandfather, but it was way back when I was a kid. It was really hard at that age for me to comprehend what actually had happened. This time, It was more shocking and heart-breaking because the one we lost had visited us a week before their departure.

I was there for each and everything. It was a completely different thing now. I mean, We lost someone! We won’t see them again ever! They won’t be here for us; for our good times and bad times. They are gone!

I once thought to myself, I wish I could have said “Goodbye” or something like that. Later I realized If I had known someone was dying or was on the verge of dying then saying goodbye isn’t and won’t be as easy as it seems to be in my head. I thought it’s the end of an era, an amazing journey which had met it’s end. Now we will move on and leave the past behind. The thing I didn’t realized here was that it wasn’t easy !

There are instances where we connect or kind of remember our dears who aren’t here for us which makes us nostalgic. We get into a zone where we imagine them being with us and for that period it feels as if they were actually here! Or one could say – “Wish You were here”

There have been instances where we think about our lost ones. I mean we are like- “Remember Her, She used to do something like this and we used to think how someone could have done this! Oh God, Good Times…” I don’t remember much about my grandfather or grandmother but I still have some visual clips in my conscious which makes me realize that they are here! I haven’t forgotten about them. In reality, a Body dies…a soul doesn’t!

Thinking on a brighter side, I can be really thankful to god for giving me the moments I had with them which I will cherish forever. It’s  Unfortunate that they couldn’t be here with us in person, as in physically but yet they are present! They are attached in each and everything we have or will own, just to remind us that they were a part of our lives!

Last Night, I was watching Furious7. You guys must have obviously figured out that I would be talking about it’s end! Yes, I feel it has one of the most beautiful way to show love to Paul Walker. I mean, It was such a big loss to them but they handled it pretty well. Instead of cutting him out or getting him killed, they shot a scene which perfectly describes a Goodbye!

I loved Vin Diesel’s entire monologue at the end, Honestly I loved the entire end. It was an emotional send-off for Paul Walker and his character. The way the words were  said especially – “No matter where you are, whether it’s quarter mile away or halfway across the world… You will always be with me….and you will always be my Brother!” (It was really difficult to keep myself together at this point, I wasn’t really crying.. My mother had chopped some onions earlier in the room!)

Magical, if I had to describe it in a word. It was the best way to say – “It’s never a Goodbye”

And that’s my point of view as well. People die, Their goodness doesn’t!

During my research I came across a line (I wish I had written it)  on the internet which I would love to share with you guys… It beautifully explains what I tried to convey in 873 words and counting!

How can the dead, be truly dead when he is living in the minds of those who are living!

Love, Peace and Happiness Always




Take 29: Saying Goodbye, For Good!


You all must have realized that I have slowed down a lot since the starting of this year. I earlier used to post at least twice in a month and now I hardly post one in two months. One of the biggest reason for this sudden change is actually very personal!

It is personal because I had to let something go which was very close to me and was by my side for a decade or so. I have trouble saying Goodbye. I have never ever said “Goodbye” to anyone or anything because Goodbye means – “Okay, you and I are done… it’s time we go our separate ways or our journey ends here so yeah, Bye for Good”!

It was supposed to be a surprise on my birthday, but as I was a smart kid or my parents didn’t had enough time, I found it out myself. I killed the surprise as I found it in my room. It was placed down on the ground in a way that I couldn’t see it, but when entered I figured out that something was fishy.

It was covered with a white cloth under my desk. I slowly went towards it and removed the cloth and there it was! My First Ever Laptop! I am really sorry if you thought of a pet, I know I wrote everything in a way which was deceiving, so sorry for that!

I never had a computer before this one. I used to use one in my school’s computer lab to play games. I hardly knew anything about Computers back then. My knowledge was limited to pressing a button on a long box kept in a cabinet called CPU and playing a game called Pinball with two arrow keys on the keyboard. For my projects, I used to ask my dad to get everything done. He used to check my mailbox for assignments.

I still remember the transition from Physically receiving Assignments to receiving them on my mail id. My Parents realized that since I am growing up, I would require a Laptop. (A laptop, because it’s portable). When I first discovered it in my room, I quietly left it the way it was and ran back to my Mom pretending as if I didn’t know that I had something under my desk!

I wish I was a great actor, I wish… My Mom seeing my face realized that I have seen it so she immediately picked it up and placed on the bed and asked my father to open it so that I could stop dancing and see what it really was. I remember, it’s first booting process, then Windows 7 appearing and then it became my partner in crime.

I learned a lot because of my laptop. Now after a decade of providing me non-stop service it was his time to call it a day! It was getting slower day by day as it’s software was not capable of running latest version of different programmes. It was now time to say bye and get a new one! When I told my parents about this, they happily agreed because I guess it was time!

So, my father and I started Laptop hunting! We used to talk everyday about the latest ones and our talks were so useless, I am telling you this because at the end, we purchased the one which the salesman convinced us to buy, because it was better than what we had planned.

My Mom hardly used my laptop but she made a crushing announcement of a fact which changed the whole scenario for me. She said- “What are we going to do with the old one, we can get a good deal for it if we go for an exchange offer”. I felt disheartened. I had never thought about the old one, I was planning to get another one but definitely not at the cost of my existing one.

It was not about money. My Mom is neat freak and she felt that having an unproductive gadget in the house isn’t really a great idea and many other aspects which I still don’t pay attention to. I made it very clear that a new one is coming and the old one is staying! My Mom countered- “What are you going to do with it, you said it was time”… I replied- “I will make a small museum in my room and keep it there. It’s mine and it always will be”

My Father took my side because he has done something like this few years back when we were planning to buy a new scooter. His old 1980’s was not in a position to serve so we had to buy a new one and is extra. Similar situation had arrived and at that time and I took his side and now we had 2 scooters in our parking. One is just as a show piece, it doesn’t work but still we have it because we like it… It’s hard to let go some things…

It’s hard to say goodbye to things with which we had a close association, but yet we have to say it because that’s nature. Nothing lasts forever. Never treat Goodbye as the end of something, try to take it as a Hi! from something new and more promising! I still miss my old one. I still haven’t adapted myself to the new one, I think it will take me some more time. I value the new one a lot but never undervalue the old one because it was at sometime the “new-one” for me.

Saying Goodbye doesn’t mean an end. Nothing in the world can take away the pleasant memory of the journey you had with anything. But Things have to change, they have to… so as to make way for a new one!


Oh no…Wait, I forgot to tell you something….. I kept the old one as well!
I would say, It’s never a Good-Bye!

Love, Peace and Happiness


Take 28: The Art of Giving!


There is an old saying that- God gives a person each and everything that he truly deserves, though there might be a slight delay in the “Giving” process but that doesn’t mean he (God) has forgotten about you! He knows all our needs and aspirations!

Well,  A person has the power to write his/her own destiny. It is not that easy, but if one has the courage,determination and  keeps believing in himself then there is nothing that can stop him/her.

I think the above lines were motivating for some and completely useless for others. There is an important factor which was not addressed- Circumstances.

Circumstances play an important role as sometimes people who are capable of achieving a lot, end up achieving less than what their true potential is! They have the will, determination but things just don’t their way! It is disheartening to see a shining star end up as a shooting star!

It’s very strange –  A person who deserves or needs more has to settle for less and other one gets more than he deserves or requires!

I sometimes wonder; Why is God so discriminating? Why can’t he give or provide everyone with everything so that no one is in a disadvantageous position?

(The answer to this immediately popped up in my head!)

If God has given “less” to one, he has surely given “more” to another! It is important for the “more” blessed one to realize that maybe God has given him “something more” with some hidden powers/objectives. God can’t directly give everyone whatever they need, so he delegates and distributes his powers in the form of maybe wealth , power or authority ; whatever name you may like which when used in a proper way can bring everyone at the same level!

But for this to happen, the One having “more” must understand and master “The Art of Giving”.

Art of Giving is all about nurturing a sensible mind to realize and understand what he is capable of doing with everything he has! If he has the power and means to do something meaningful, which can turnout something  for another person who might be in dire need of it, then it’s the best thing one can ever do!

If you ever feel that you have been provided with a lot for which you are grateful for (obviously), then try to help and share the same with those who aren’t lucky as you and try to make them feel as “Lucky” as you are!

The Art of Giving involves the important guidelines, so always Remember-

  • When you are helping someone, please make sure that you are doing it without any hidden motives or self-interest!
  • When you are doing something good, please don’t brag or publicise about your work because it kills the real objective ! (Your focus must be on finding the best and suitable ways of helping, so never use your work for your own promotion)
  • Never shy away from helping someone! Forget about what other will say, If you have the resources at your disposal and you are capable of helping someone who needs it , then just go for it!
  • Lastly, Don’t Equate Help with Money! There are a lot of things which money can’t buy!

Guys, I have written something after a really long gap, so obviously I am going to a bit Rusty! I have a lot of points to cover but then I thought of why not doing something different!

I have something for you guys to see – which will summarise the take and will clearly explain the points which I couldn’t focus upon properly! I hope you learn a lot from it!

Please do see it, I feel it’s worth it! – : Art Of Giving

Love, Peace and Happiness Always


Take 27 : Don’t Blow your own Trumpet!


I have learned a lot of lessons from my past mistakes and I have always tried my level best to ensure that I don’t repeat them again as I believe that after hitting a roadblock, one must have realized and understand the road which he took – Last time and the stoppage point/dead end it had. I feel,that one must have become smart enough to choose between the road which should and shouldn’t been taken. Guys,I have been continuously committing a same mistake!

I am not writing about this today because I want to share my regret of committing it again! I am writing this down here, so that in case you also get into a situation/point in life while doing things (Which I will be later talking about) and are taking the wrong road, you might realize something and will be able to save yourself from embarrassment and regret which you would encounter after the event has taken place, So let’s start!

Guys, When I say this line – “I can Do It”!

What do you think about this line, I mean – What do you think this line would indicate about my mind set at the moment?

I guess we all will have similar notions; You sound confident. You are high on spirits and feel that you can pull off this task. Hmm…this one was easy, Let me give you another one.

“I am the only one who can Do it”!

I am pretty sure this line and the one I have asked you before isn’t same. Though they talk about doing something, there is a word in the 2nd line which completely changes the meaning of these 2 lines.

And That Word is Only!

I am very well aware of the fact, that I have been very much predictable till this point. I have been telling you a very simple thing. Last 288+ words haven’t talked about something new. Everyone knows that the 2nd line reflects that the person is being arrogant and over confident.

We should never let over-confidence climb up your head” . We all know this, We have read and heard this thousand times! Let me tell you something… I make this very same mistake, every damn time.Whenever I feel that I know something, I get so pumped up that sometimes, I don’t realize when I cross that thin line between being confident and over-confident. I have taken a lot of hits because of this; I have literally pulled myself out from winning positions.

Let’s shift the focus away from me to the general public. I have seen that a lot of people getting carried away! They get super – proud of their capabilities that they don’t realize the importance of staying down “quiet”. Everyone should keep their heads straight with their eyes looking ahead and feet on the ground. Again, It’s a very common thing but in the heat of the moment, we all love to fly, I admit- I do!

I can’t say that one shouldn’t think of flying or should not think of dreaming big! Nooooo…. I am saying that if you know something, Good… Just do it… Don’t let the fact that you know enter your head and make you arrogant and mad about yourself. If I know something- I must go out there, perform – receive appreciation and come back. If the thing went your way, stay grounded and be thankful to god!

I wish…. I could say I follow- what I just said above. I seriously wish, I could!

When I know something which is good for me, I go out there to perform- being confident of the fact that I have the skills to pull it off. While I am doing so, You can say the excitement clicks in and I go nuts. I always find these thoughts running in my head- “Wow, You will do it! You are the best, Amazing, You are on a roll etc”.

And you know what, I lose out exactly here! As I said, Confident adds up to become over-confidence and bang… I crash… I can’t say that feeling confident is bad because it’s a not a bad thing. It is actually very good. One must be confident of what his/her capabilities are, but then if you are confident- Then why don’t you let your work speak for yourself! Why do you have to open your mouth to say something? Some People love to “Brag” in public and some just “Brag” in their mind which includes me!

When thoughts like these are wandering in your mind, your focus shifts. Every task and decision needs certain amount of focus and attention. Thinking highly of oneself is good but one must know when to keep it down. I have tried a lot and honestly and I am work in progress! I know it’s tough!

It’s our mind and sub conscious we are talking about! They will make you go on the top of the mountain and after reaching there, within split seconds -They will push you down!

It will take a lot of time for you to realize that you didn’t intentionally do anything wrong, but you can’t deny the fact that you are the one behind all of it!

So hold onto your nerves and Keep Believing! Remember to work hard and stay focused!

We all have a lot to learn!

Love, Peace and Happiness Always


Take 26: Impossible is Nothing!

Guys, Do you like to read Quotes?

Well..I love to read quotes! I find them great because they not only motivate me but also give my spirits a big hike whenever they are running a bit low!

Usually when I come across a quote, I look for the person behind it. I try to go in depth by reading about their background. After I complete my quick research, I always find something amazing…These quotes are not said for the sake of saying! These quotes have a hidden meaning!

These Phrases/Sentences aren’t valuable because they are said by someone who is/was a successful person ; they are valuable because they carry inside them – a story of struggle- a narration of a fight against all the odds. Surprisingly every quote ends with break through point where they found out the way to not only deal with that situation, but to  emerge out victorious!

On this note, let’s do a quick activity with you guys… Read the quotes given below and try to guess the person who said it- (without looking down!)

“I hated every Minute of Training
But I said : Don’t quit . Suffer now and live the rest of your life like a champion”

“Try not to become a man of success but rather try to become a man of value”

“What is life, Without a risk?”

“Confidence and Hardwork is the best medicine to kill the disease called Failure …It will make you successful person”

“Being the richest man in the cemetery doesn’t matter to me. Going to bed at night saying we’ve done something wonderful, that’s what matters to me”

Guys….Read All these quotes, Once Again!

Quote 1 is given by None other than Muhammad Ali .He was an American Professional Boxer and an activist. He was undoubtedly the best in his field. In the quote, He talked about how he hated training hard everyday. So one day he thought, that if he continued to work harder instead of having thoughts of quitting the game, he will surely become successful. He continued training with this mindset and in the end he became the GREATEST!

Quote 2 is given by Albert Einstein. A man who thought completely different from others of his time. He worked hard and didn’t kept a list of whatever he had accomplished. He worked on a lot of theories which were a complete failure or you can say had no prominent result because he was limited by time. He wasn’t considered a man with a lot of success during his lifespan. But now, who cares whether he was successful in his time or not! His failed theories are still being studied by various researchers today because they are enriched with new concepts of science which hasn’t been explored yet. They search of a new lead to explore a world which Albert Einstein had left a door open! His theories are advanced and way ahead of the time….

Quote 3 is Given by J.K Rowling… A women who fought against all the hardships a women could ever face. At every point of time in her life, she had to fight a battle. She had to fight against depression at an early age because she lost her mother. She had a miscarriage, failed marriage and was even a victim of domestic violence. She was a single mother, who once thought of giving up and committing suicide. But she gave herself another chance and took a risk of writing a novel… Rest is history!

Quote 4 is Given by Dr APJ Abdul Kalam. A teacher,scientist who later went onto become one of the most loved President Of India. Things weren’t easy for him at start because he didn’t had any resources with him. But , Love for learning created ways for a guy who used to sell newspapers to support his poor family.

Quote 5 is Given by Steve Jobs. A man who had a vision of changing the way – people used to see a computer. He thought of something which was not considered wise and viable by  people because they felt they won’t get a result i.e profit. He was considered foolish because he was working towards a computer program for the common people to use.  The cost they were incurring was higher than what they were getting initially. He had vision of “Selling Dreams” to people instead of a product. He always measured satisfaction over profit!

Inspiring Stories nah! Despite all the odds these people continued to work hard and at one point of time almost forgot about measuring the results. They worked towards becoming productive and fostered creativity, ambition and determination in them. These people weren’t born successful. They had to work hard to reach the place where they are now! They were normal people who had a vison for themselves. They wanted to do something they loved irrespective of the outcomes of their activities.

Guys that’s what is so great about them! They were passionate about their job and worked to their fullest capacity.

You must be thinking that I am acting above my age! Well in my defense I will say we all have a lot to achieve. I chose the above people on purpose! I guess you didn’t realized that all the quotes above were linked to each other! Their continuous struggle and Never Give up attitude gives us a strong feeling that Nothing is Impossible! If they can do it,  so can you!

Guys, Things will be difficult! Little efforts that you are putting in everyday may not look enough each day and you will feel bad about it! Seeing you work hard everyday, people will trash talk and even demotivate you ; that you can’t achieve anything, It’s way out of your league!! Circumstances won’t be in your favour all the time, but one thing which will always be with you is your Hardwork! If you still aren’t convinced… Remember!

“To hell with the circumstances, I create opportunities” -Bruce Lee

Love, Peace and Happiness Always


The Versatile Blogger Award!

I Really Had a Great Morning Today!

The First Notification which I saw on my phone today was from a fellow Blogger – Bitchin’ in the Kitchen 

Well, It took me 2 minutes to realize that I have been nominated for “The Versatile Blogger Award”!

I was completely surprized because I wasn’t expecting it!

I would like to Thank Bitchin’ in the Kitchen for nominating my blog.

I am thankful to you for reading my takes and enjoying them in the way I hope every reader coming to Aywriteslife does. I am really happy because awards to me are more of an encouragement. They motivate me to write more and better the next time 🙂

Share 7 things about you – one of the purposes of this award is to get to know one another better.

1.  I love Writing. ( I know it’s the most obvious :D)

2. I love watching F.R.I.EN.D.S And How I Met Your Mother !

3. I love Gardening

4. I love to listening to music while writing

5. I am an awful singer, I can perform only under a shower ! In other words: I suck at singing 😀

6. I love watching Superhero Movies !

7. I am planning to write a new take after I finish this post!

Before I finish – I would like to thank the readers of Aywriteslife (specially those who come everyday to check whether I have posted something new or not!)  I know I am getting a bit irregular and I am Sorry to let you down but I promise that I will become regular and consistent soon!

Thank You for your Love and Support!

Lots of Love